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Since 2003, ESI has been a leading provider of asphalt and concrete in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding areas.

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Rio Grande Floodway

Socorro County, New Mexico

The Rio Grande Floodway San Acacia Phase 2B and Phase 2C Levee Construction project were two separate projects for ESI and consisted of the complete removal of the existing spoil bank, and replacement with an engineered levee consisting of random fill and a bentonite slurry trench beginning one mile south of the intersection of Otero Road and the spoil bank south for an approximate project length of 3.5 miles. Ancillary work to construction of the engineered levee and gated structure included clearing and grubbing, inspection trench excavation and backfill, a soil bentonite low permeability cutoff wall, a levee sub-drainage system, seeding of levee slopes and adjacent disturbed areas, jetty jack demolition, and reconstruction, dumped riprap, articulated concrete block revetment at the ends of the project, and survey monument reconstruction throughout the project length. The levee berm construction was constructed in a 6 stage sequence with the use of multiple crews.  Approved diversion and dewatering plans were implemented as needed so that all permanent work was completed free from water.

Client : United States Corps of Engineers (USACE)
Date : Completed January 2017 (Phase 2B) and May 2017 (Phase 2C)