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Since 2003, ESI has been a leading provider of asphalt and concrete in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding areas.

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Fort Carson Army Base

Colorado Springs, CO

Elite Surface Infrastructure was a subcontractor to Hensel Phelps Construction for the underground wet utilities on the 13th CAB ASB Hangar at the Fort Carson Army Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This was a new hangar project in which ESI was responsible for nearly four miles of wet utility infrastructure for the new support hangar. Utility installation by ESI included 3,100 feet of storm sewer, 500 feet of sanitary force main, 9,400 feet of water lines ranging from 1” to 20” in size, 2,600 feet of industrial waste, and 4,700 feet of perforated subdrain system for the new airfield paving. While installing the various pipelines, ESI was also responsible for installing manholes, inlets, valves, fire hydrants, downspouts, roof drains, vent pipes, and other miscellaneous parts to complete the various systems.

Utility installation included cathodic protection for all fittings and water line encasements below paved areas. Additionally, ESI was responsible for supplying, placing, compacting, and fine grading the subbase course material with extremely strict tolerances below nearly 500,000 square feet of new concrete airfield paving.  The ASB Hangar project saw several major design changes, nearly doubling ESI’s scope of work.

In order to handle these changes and maintain the project schedule, ESI operated several crews at the same time in separate areas of the site performing utility installation, subbase course placement, and even directional boring below existing paving.  ESI self-performed approximately 90% of the work with its own personnel and equipment.

By staying ahead of schedule, ESI was able to assist Hensel Phelps with items outside of our original contract. We installed and removed winter protection to allow them to work on the building through the winter and also helped other subcontractors to catch up with their work to meet project schedules. By adhering to the safety regulations set forth by the USACE and Hensel Phelps, ESI maintained an unblemished safety record throughout the duration of this project. At one point, an ESI employee was even presented the monthly Safety Award.